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Parenting Articles

This page contains links to all the past articles published about parenting in the newsletter Aiki Relationships. The articles are listed chronologically in order of publication so just scroll down until you see something you are interested in.

When Relative Visits Freak Out Kids

What is Resilience?

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Emotional Tolerance and Resilience 

10 Top Parenting Competencies

# 2 Parenting Competency: Stress Management

# 3 Parenting Competency: Relationship Skills

#4 Parenting Competency: Developing Autonomy and Independence

#5 Parenting Competency: Education and Learning

#6 Parenting Competency: Life Skills

#7 Parenting Competency: Behavior Management

#8 Parenting Competency: Health

#9 Parenting Competency: Religion 

#10 Parenting Competency: Saftey

Getting the Most Bang for your Buck From School

Tracking Academic Performance

New Years Goals and Your Children

Handling Standardized Tests

The Home Stretch


Helping Your Child With Bullying

Summer Transition

Responsibility and Children  -  One

Responsibility and Children  -  Two

Responsibility and Children  -  Three

Responsibility and Children  -  Four

Communication with Children

Listening so Children Feel Understood

Talking Effectively to Your Children

Embrace Praise

Look The Other Way

Learn About Child Development

Mastering Time-Out

Prevent Misbehavior

Take Care of Yourself First

Make Time

Self-Esteem and Happiness

A Brief History of Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem’s Benefits

Self-Esteem and Shortcomings

Self-Esteem and Achievement

Self-Esteem and Motivation

Self-Esteem and Compassion

Self-Esteem: The Bottom Line for Parenting

Parents and “Smart” Phones

Should You Protect Children From Pain?

Anxiety and Children

Anxiety and Children—2

Anxiety and Children—3

Aggression and Children

Aggression and Children—II

Aggression and Children—III

Aggression and Children—IV

Aggression and Children—V

Attention Problems and Children

Attention Problems and Children II

Attention Problems and Children III

Attention Problems and Children IV

Attention Problems V - Parental Advisory

Attention Problems and Children VI

Attention Problems and Children VII

Attention Problems and Children VIII

Attention Problems and Children IX

Attention Problems and Children X

Parenting Resolutions for 2016

Fear and Parenting

Parenting and Smart Phones

Parenting and Smart Phones II

Parenting and Smart Phones III

Parenting and Smart Phones IV

Parenting and Smart Phones V

Parenting and Smart Phones VI

Parenting and Smart Phones VI

 A Former Stanford Dean on Parenting