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Welcome to The Aiki Relationship Institute

Are you satisfied with the relationships in your life?

We specialize in helping people create the relationships they want with intimate partners, family, and themselves.

Couples – Are you concerned about conflict or increased distance from your partner?

We can help you communicate effectively to resolve conflict, re-establish connection, and create the passion you desire.

Parents – Are you worried about your children’s disrespect, academic performance, apathy, or lack of friends?

Learn how to maximize your role as a parent to help them achieve to the best of their ability – and to enjoy your time with them in the process.

Does your life feel unbalanced? Does work, or worry take up more energy than it deserves and sap the quality of your life?

Learn how to balance your life in accord with your values to feel more engaged and alive.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Mark Sharp at (630) 230-6358 or send an email to

Top 10 psychologists in Oak Brook, IL 2015

Rated one of 2015’s top Oak Brook Psychology practices. Congratulations Aiki Relationship Institute!
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