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Are you unhappy with your relationship?

Create the connection and intimacy that you would like to have.

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Keeping an intimate relationship going is a difficult task. Once the initial excitement and intensity starts to wear off, many people find themselves unhappy with what is going on with their partner. Often there is more conflict and less good communication. Couples don’t enjoy their time together as much and don’t even enjoy each other at times. The connection that made their partner so attractive in the first place can fade and often people find themselves feeling lonely – even while with their partner. Some couples get to the point where it feels like there isn’t much benefit on an emotional level to being part of the relationship and that it isn’t worth the strife it brings to their lives.

It is possible to keep the qualities you want going in a relationship so that it sustains you and brings happiness. It is much more comfortable going through life feeling connected to your partner and that this connection brings you harmony and balance. We all dream of feeling supported, loved, and like we don’t have to face the world alone. It is possible to create such a connection and keep it going for the long haul.

If such relationships are possible, why don’t more people create them? Why do almost half of marriages end up in divorce and another portion just plug along without bringing their members much happiness? Though our intimate connections are one of, if not the most important things in our lives, most of us learn very little about how to create, nurture, and sustain them. The movies and television generally give us the message that if you love each other and the chemistry is right, things just work themselves out. Oh that it were so easy.

Like most valuable things in this world, relationships need care and maintenance. When you learn the skills for maintaining a healthy and vital connection, you can be happy with your relationship indefinitely. Learning to communicate well, turn conflict into growth, and understand your own emotional reactions and needs make such a connection possible. These are all things that can be learned and put to good work for you and your partner.

If you would like more intimacy and connection with your partner, help is available. To set up an appointment or for more information, call (630) 230-6358 , email