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# 2 Parenting Competency — Stress Management  

In my series on the top ten parenting competencies, this one may be a surprise.  Most people don’t even think of it as being related to parenting. 

But, those parents who do a good job of managing and reducing stress for themselves and their children greatly support their children’s happiness and success.

Learning, and modeling, ways to relax and reduce the physiological arousal that comes along with stress provides a benefit for all family members.  Other techniques, such a learning to react to things that happen positively, are also useful.

While modeling good stress management is beneficial to kids, the biggest effects seem to be indirect.  Parents who manage their stress well are generally in a better mood and more available for the emotional connection that is so beneficial to children. 

Stress management came up in one study as the second most important thing for parents to do.  This underlines the idea that parents need to make sure they take care of themselves. 

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