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New Years Goals and Your Children  

As we have just passed the first of the year, a lot of you may have been thinking about goals or resolutions.  It can be a good time to reflect on life, what you want to accomplish and how to get yourself back on track.  How can that be used for your kids and school?

The first of the year can be difficult for kids.  Coming off vacation, and one of the most exciting holidays of the year, can make focusing on school difficult and take accomplishment to the bottom of the priority list. 

It may be helpful to include your children in your own reflection process.  Sharing with your children your goals and how you are trying to accomplish things can help them reflect on their own lives.  When you add to that how school is their job and how school benefits them, you may be able to help them set some goals for themselves about school. 

If you have a reflective process in the New Year, think about sharing it with your child and see if you can get them to create something similar for themselves.