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Parenting and Smart Phones IV

After three months of emphasizing the potential negative impact of parental use of smart phones on their children, I wanted to offer some potentially positive ways parents can use smart phones. I have a couple of ideas of my own, but did some internet searching and came up with some more. What I am going to share comes from a web posting titled “10 Ways that Modern Parents Benefit from Using Smartphones.” If you search that term you will find it or you can email me and I will send you the link. The author there has more room so explains a bit more how to implement some of the benefits I talk about. You will notice I don’t share ten ways. That is because two of them are about alleviating boredom and after last month’s discussion about how boredom is important at times, it didn’t really seem like the kind of benefit I wanted to be promoting. You get the first three this month with the rest to follow. Here they are:

1 Remind you of your immunization schedule. The article has a link to an app that does this for you. Now, I believe the article is from a blog with Australian origin, but I can’t imagine their immunization schedule is that different.

2 – You always have a camera on hand that is good for recording memories.

3 – Capturing memories that can’t be photographed. You can do this by jotting down things your child does or says you would like to remember. This can be public (post on facebook or twitter) or private (keep your own little notebook of memories).

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