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Relationship Articles

This page contains links to all the past articles published about relationships in the newsletter Aiki Relationships. The articles are listed chronologically in order of publication so just scroll down until you see something you are interested in.

Gift Giving - Connecting versus Stuff

Give up resolutions for goals

Is Love an Accident or a Disease

The Case for Love Maintenance  

Lessons from "Date Night"

Carrying your Partner With You

Celebrity Relationship woes 

Creating a Shared Future 

Selfish Love or Selfless Love

Selfish Love Part 2

Unity candles and Individuality 

How to Train your Man

Is Marriage Obsolete? 

Couple Vacations

Wilderness Marriage Therapy 

Survivor or The Bachelor: Which is Best for Romance?

Narcissism, Technology and Relationships

Why Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

How to Choose a Good Marriage Counselor

Getting the Most Out of Marriage Counseling

Priorities and the Holidays

Healthy Relationships Aren’t For the Faint of Heart

 Is Valentine’s Day Just a Hallmark Holiday?

I won’t love you less, but I may hate you more.

Spring Cleaning

The Primary Cause of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Relationships as Growth Forums

Affairs- Part One

Affairs- Part Two

Affairs- Part Three

Affairs- Part Four

Affairs- Conclusion 

The Zen of Relationships 

80/20 in Relationships

Love Languages 

Stress and Relationships

Mutual Gardens are Better

Are you Valuing your Marriage

A Little Goes a Long Way

Fight Nice

Talk About More Than Chores

Celebrate the Good Stuff

Take Risks 

Love Is Not Enough

Vonnegut and the Case for Common Decency

Optimism and Relationships

Hacking Valentine’s Day

Getting Hurt From Protecting Yourself

Love and Understanding (Not)

Perfection, Sex, & Intimacy

 Unconditional Love Doesn’t Exist

Lessons From 60 Years of Marriage

Marital Happiness After Children?

Marital Happiness After Children—2

Time, Intimacy, and Gender

Risk and Relationship

Fighting, Winning, and Forgiveness in Relationships

Resolve To Be Softer

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations—II

Difficult Conversations—III

Difficult Conversations—IV

Magical Relationship Wisdom

 Do You and Your Partner Change Each Other?

Lessons From Inside Out

Put Down the Damn Phone!

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

The Power of Vulnerability—pt. 1

The Power of Vulnerability—pt. 2

Some Ideas for a Great Relationship in 2016

Fear and Relationships

Fear and Relationships II

Fear and Relationships III

Fear and Relationships IV

Fear and Relationships V

Fear and Relationships VI

Fear and Relationships VII

When to Return to Counseling

Two Tips for Connection

Take on a Neutral Perspective