Premarital Workshop

Before The Wedding

Skills for Marriage Success

This workshop is designed for premarital couples who want to build the best marriage they can. It presents current research on successful marriage and outlines skills needed for success. Most people will be married at some point in their lifetime and the quality of their marriage will greatly impact the quality of their life. It is striking that there is little in the way of premarital preparation on how to make such an important life decision. In light of the high incidence of divorce (close to 50%) and the lack of preparation for creating a strong, long lasting relationship, this workshop is geared toward helping couples start off their marriage on the right foot. They are presented with research about contributing factors in happy marriages and presented with skills and practices that will help them create such relationships. They are also offered an opportunity to evaluate their expectations for marriage and each other so that they can better prepare for their relationship together.

The workshop covers:

• What research says about marriage success

• Nine tasks of marriage

• Four marriage-building skills

• Avoiding four marriage-destroying behaviors

• A framework to jointly evaluate expectations, needs, and goals

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